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    Escape Room The Game


    Dr. Siènski, your dentist, has called you in for your annual check-up. With a bit of reluctance, you keep your appointment and end up in his chair. Before you know it, he places an anaesthetic mask over your face. The last thing you hear is Dr. Siènski’s voice telling that he is going to sedate you with laughing gas so that you will not feel any pain when he extracts your molar. Then everything goes black.

    You slowly recover consciousness. Your head hurts and you’re dizzy. You suddenly remember... Your dentist had called you in for your annual check-up. He found a molar he believed needed to be removed to prevent further problems. He sedated you with laughing gas, so that you would not have any pain during the extraction... You look around you and realize that you are sitting in the waiting room together with several other patients who are slowly recovering consciousness. You then notice that the waiting room doors can only be opened from the other side. You can also look into the dentist’s office, where you see a heavy metal door with a combination lock. The phone suddenly rings. You pick it up and hear: “Listen carefully. There isn’t much time. I’m Dr. Siènski’s secretary. I’ve watched his experiments for long enough. He is experimenting on patients with x-ray radiation. In the beginning, everything seemed to go smoothly. But then some patients started losing their teeth and hair and got sick. We have not seen a number of them for some time now… They may very well be dead. I don’t dare go to the police because Dr. Siènski’s brother works there and would recognize me. But I can help you escape and find proof before he starts his experiments today. You first need to open his filing cabinet. He changes the code for the combination lock daily. That code is related to the order of the day’s patients. That’s all I know. You’ll find proof of Dr. Siènski’s shady practices in the cabinet, as well as the access code for his ‘special’ treatment room. He’ll be back in an hour and will fill the waiting room with N2O – laughing gas. To prevent this, you’ll have to close the main gas supply in his ‘special’ treatment room. If you succeed, you’ll be able to overpower him when he walks into the room. I have to hang up now. Good luck!”