Since the research facility opened in the suburbs of Lockholm, strange things have been happening. People have been reporting paranormal phenomena and disappearances. But this shouldn’t worry you now - it’s Friday night and you are looking forward to a great night out.

You and your friends meet up at the local pub. A few beers later, your friend Peter - who works at the research centre - still hasn’t arrived. He doesn’t pick up his phone and doesn’t respond to your messages either. Weird. Yesterday he was present but seemed uncommonly quiet, downing one beer after the other.

Then he suddenly excused himself, stood up and left, saying he had something important the next day.

When you asked him what could be so important, Peter laughed nervously and said: "Oh, nothing special. It’s just... Tomorrow I’m going on an excursion to another dimension to fight some monsters, he he..." You and your friends dismissed his story as some sort of weird joke, but doubt is starting to set in now.

You decide to take his fate in your hands and recklessly break into the research facility. At the end of a dark corridor, you find the office of Prof. Dean Felsman, the Director. Upon entering, you spot a door at the other end of the room, with a strange green light shimmering through a window. Could this be some sort of portal?

Unfortunately, the door seems to be electronically locked. Disappointed, you decide to look around the office and find some documents. One note sparks your interest: "Agent C is in Another Dimension. The portal will close at 10:12pm."

Agent C? Wasn’t this the name on Peter’s employee card which he forgot to take off yesterday? You look at your watch and realise that you only have one hour to save your friend. Quick, find a way to get through this door!