There is only one way you could earn that kind of money in such a short amount of time. Steal, lie, cheat! For the past few years you and your team have travelled from casino to casino, from Vegas to Monaco and from Atlantic City to Singapore. It sounds glamorous but you never visited the spectacular casinos you see in movies. No, the off-strip dodgy casinos were more up your street.

The system you and your team had was almost flawless, no one ever suspected a thing and you were always long gone before anybody figured out what hit them. The amount you stole was never higher than 500,000 dollars. There were times when you would hit 3 casinos a night, week-in, week-out. Life was filled with adrenaline and good times.

You didn’t have a care in the world until in a cheap hotel room downtown you received a disturbing call. Carolyn Castle had broken the first rule of the system, never get caught! To make things worse, the Trapani family own this particular casino. A well-known and feared mafia family, and they are not amused. Why she was acting alone you don’t know, all you do know is that they are keeping her locked up in a room and that she is in pain. The screaming on the other end of the line made you feel sick and hearing her begging for her life is the worst sound you’ve ever heard.

You blame yourself for her situation. After all, you were the one who convinced Carolyn to join the team and told her how glamorous her life would be. Carolyn is the best card counter you ever saw. No big surprise, given the fact that she comes from a family of brilliant mathematicians. Unfortunately, the Castle family is not only good at solving problems, they also run into them a lot! Now her life depends on you getting hold of enough cash within an hour. The team is ready to hit the Royal Diamond Casino, you’ll have to skip protocol and go big right away, making the chance of getting caught bigger than usual. The team already understand that Carolyn’s life is on the line and that the stakes are higher than ever. The finger delivered to your hotel door with Carolyn’s ring still on it was an unnecessary reminder that her life is in your hands...