Finally, night falls over London. The lamplighter does the rounds through Lockholm Street. You and your friends creep around Pharaoh Hall, where famous Flaubert Moudin is performing his shows. Only a few hours ago, you left his performance in amazement. You are still young but already determined to become a magician too as quickly as possible.

Without the fairytale lighting, the theatre has lost a lot of its splendour. It seems smaller, a little spooky even. It no longer matters whose idea it was to secretly return to this theatre in order to unravel Moudin’s secrets.

You have butterflies in your tummy but going back is no longer an option...

You wait until the night guard starts his first round around the premises. Then you and your friends sneak inside via the main entrance. In exactly one hour, the guard will be back for his second round. Just as you are about to search through the reception desk in the Red Velvet Lobby, the entrance door slams shut in the lock...

– "Timmy! What are you doing...?! You were to be on the lookout and keep the door open."
– "But... but... I wanted to join you!"
– "OK then, you may as well now! Let’s go and see how we can get out again..."