A stroke of luck! The ancient map you bought from the bazaar has led you directly to the centuries old pyramid containing Osiris’s legendary tomb. After weeks of excavating, the gigantic gateway to the pyramid is revealed. As soon as you enter an impressive cylindrical chamber, an alarming scraping sound can be heard. From a hole in the ceiling, sand starts pouring down at an alarmingly high speed.

At this rate, you will have just an hour to find the treasure hidden in Osiris’s tomb and get out.

If not, the sand will be blocking your way back to freedom and will keep you trapped inside the pyramid for evermore. Or at least until the next tomb robbers arrive… and find you dead. You switch on your torches and follow each other into the dark passageway. You notice that many passageways have become blocked by rocks and collapsed walls.

While you are finding your way to the burial chamber at the centre of the pyramid, suddenly a heavy trap door slides down, splitting your team into two.