You and your companions have just enjoyed a lovely dinner inside the dining car of the Wild West Express, which is heading from Daisy Town to Oklahoma City. Content, you look out the window at the barren landscape of the desert.

Suddenly you spot a dust cloud rising over the hills. Shortly after, a group of bandits on horses crest the hill, come galloping down and begin to attack the train. You and your companions aren’t the types that simply let themselves be robbed. Nope.

You’re cowboys! You fight back! However, you are completely outnumbered by the bandits.

Before long they take over the train and capture all of you. They haul you off to the prison wagon at the back of the train, where they lock you inside a prison cell.

You shoot an angry look at Rich, the lazy bandit who is guarding your cell. He grins and says: “Oh, don’t worry, mates. Y’all won’t be in here very long. In an hour me ’n my buddies will be outta here and this train will continue on its merry way toward the bridge at Hodale Mountain.”

“What?!” you shout at Rich, “But that bridge is far from finished! We’ll crash into the ravine!” Rich laughs: “Hah! Not my problem!”

From outside the wagon another bandit yells angrily: “Shut it, Rich! Stop revealing our plans to every damn civilian!” Rich grumbles, sits back in his chair and closes his eyes. You wait until he drifts off to sleep and then quietly grab the keys Rich has left on the table, far too close to the cell. Idiot.

As you slip out of your cell and walk past the sleeping Rich, you spot a combination lock on the door of the wagon. Maybe escaping won’t be so easy after all...