Do you first want to experience a 15 minute demo Escape Room? Play first the demo game 'House Arrest' to get acquainted with the game concept.


Here you go again: house arrest! You are grounded until next Monday and cannot leave the house, just as your best friend Rick is about to throw an amazing party.

They will shortly be leaving for a funfair. You decide to sneak out of the window and climb down but your bedroom is in the attic with a tiny rooflight. So, you will need to get out through your little brother’s window.

You ask him not to tell on you and to help you get down without being seen through the living room window.

Laughing mischievously, he says: ”It can be done. I’ve got down through my bedroom window lots of times and know exactly how to escape without being seen through the window downstairs. But it will cost you! First, you’ll need to help me with my tasks and then I’ll show you the correct escape route.”