“Sorry Brent...” you whisper as your trembling hands grab the lighter from the knocked-out guard’s pocket. "I’m sorry, but I got no choice."

Nine long years you’ve been waiting for this moment. Ever since the moment you arrived at this heavily guarded prison island called ‘Iudicium’, when they put you away for the attempted assassination of the president. Not that you’re actually guilty, but the organization that put the blame on you had been so meticulous that nobody believed you.

This morning you were dragged from your cell by three grumbling guards, and taken to the warden’s office...

He told you he had a problem with his computer that needed fixing immediately. Seeing as you’re the only one on the island with any IT experience, he regularly asks for your help. This time, his problem was bigger than usual: His computer was faced with a serious cyberattack. Exactly as planned.

While you were busy stopping this cyberattack, the warden received an urgent phone call. Apparently, there was quite a revolt going on down in the cell block, set off by one of your eleven fellow inmates. The warden sped out of his office, taking two guards with him. You were left behind with just one guard, Brent. You saw your chance to overpower him.

Holding the lighter, you walk over to the warden’s desk and open the top drawer. Inside, you find a key and the warden’s access card. You take your getaway plan, symbolically strike the first item off your to-do list by setting it alight using Brent’s lighter. The fire alarm sounds. Your escape has begun!

You have 1 hour to escape the island before - according to protocol - the guards will hermetically seal off the island...