You are on a sightseeing tour at Christ Church College, Oxford. Your guide – Mr. Lockholm – jokes that nobody should leave the group, because people have gone missing in the past.

"Lewis Carrol’s idea for Alice in Wonderland originated in these honorable halls. It is said that Wonderland actually exists and there’s a passage leading there somewhere around here."

With an amused grin, he continues the tour by pushing you outside into the garden. The guide continues to talk about Alice, when a white rabbit hops into a hole in the ground that you hadn’t noticed before.

You try to take a closer look and all of a sudden the ground under your feet collapses.

After a long fall, you land softly in a room full of different sized doors. You feel smaller than usual.

Suddenly you hear a voice coming from nowhere: "Welcome to Wonderland! The first hour of your stay is free. All adults who extend their stay will be stripped of their wits and sanity and must join the Mad Tea Party forever. Follow the White Rabbit for the exit. Enjoy your trip!"

"Stripped of our wits and sanity?!" That doesn’t sound good! We’d better find out where that White Rabbit went and follow him!