April 1912. A dream come true! You’ve been selected as part of the crew of the "unsinkable" Titanic. Even though work is hard and it’s been a rough day at sea, you consider yourself lucky you’re on this historical trip.

The captain is briefing you on the route he wants to take today, when all of a sudden, one of the crewmembers shouts: "Iceberg ahead!"

The captain quickly runs to the helm and tries to avoid the iceberg at the last second. You can hear passengers screaming. The captain tells you to brace yourself. You can only hear the cursing of the captain and the waves hitting the boat.

You have been under a table waiting for the situation to improve for about half an hour, when suddenly you hear a loud BANG!!!

The ship has stopped moving altogether. You exit your cozy spot underneath the table and look in front of the ship. A huge iceberg has brought the Titanic to an abrupt stop. The captain approaches you. "This doesn’t look good. Damn it, there must be something wrong in the boiler room," he says. "I’ll go check on the engine room to make sure that we can restart the ship. In the meantime, follow my instructions."

And with those words the captain leaves the bridge. He probably doesn’t yet know that the danger is much greater than he thinks. The last ship to hit an iceberg went down in 60 minutes. Let’s hope you have at least that much time to save the many passengers on board!