Your neighbour Jack Wright has been a pest controller for 30 years. Two years ago, his wife suddenly left without a trace. A lot of rumours have been told about the disappearance of Jack’s wife but also about why he was fired three years ago...

Every morning, Jack puts on clean white overalls and takes his gas mask and pest control sprayer from his cellar. He used to be so cheerful, doing what he loved. But ever since he became his own boss, he started to act shifty. Each time he came out of his cellar, he properly locked it and looked all paranoid, as if he was hiding something.

It has come to your attention that, recently, you can often see vague candle light coming from his cellar in the early hours of the night. On those occasions, you can see him carrying heavy boxes, bottles and preserving jars from the cellar to his van.

Before getting in his van, he looks over his shoulder into the street, as if he is scared to be caught any time now.

He then drives off, calmly, only to return from his nightly outing exactly 15 minutes later.

You sense something is not quite right and after way too many on a night out with your friends you decide to find out what your neighbour has been up to in that small space underneath his house. The only way to find out is to take a look in his cellar yourself. That night you are presented with a perfect opportunity as you just catch him walking to his van and driving off. You now have fifteen minutes.

You all quickly make your way to his cellar and cannot believe your luck to find the heavy door still open! You quickly run down the stairs, but in your haste the heavy door is slammed shut...

Your eyes need to get used to the darkness of the cellar. A nauseating smell only adds to your misery. You spot the spare key in a small cabinet on the wall, yet the cabinet is locked with a code. Can you crack the code within 15 minutes?