You are spending a fun evening with friends, and are in the middle of the game Truth or Dare. The dares are getting more and more over the top.

ara’s turn and someone dares her to summon Bloody Mary at the stroke of midnight. Scary! According to the legend that goes back centuries, the moment you summon Bloody Mary her spirit comes to take your soul away.

As midnight strikes, the three of you are sitting tensely in the pitch-dark bathroom, holding a burning candle by the mirror.

Lara calls out nervously: ‘Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary’! Nothing happens. You exchange disappointed glances. Was that it?

Suddenly you feel an icy wind and you see Lara’s reflection convulse and start to transform. Her hands turn into horrible claws, her eyes turn blood red and a terrible grin appears on her face.

he being suddenly comes out of the mirror with its claws outstretched and grabs Lara by the head. The razor-sharp nails penetrate her skin and blood seeps down. The being opens its mouth, mouthing something unintelligible and disappears back into the mirror. Then wisps of mist emerge from Lara’s body and go into the mirror. Was that her soul?

At the same time, the soul of the being emerges from the mirror, which breaks into pieces. The being’s soul enters Lara’s body and Lara falls to the ground convulsing violently.

In a panic, you grab your phone and search for information about Bloody Mary in record speed. You begin to read: ‘As soon as the soul of Bloody Mary has entered a victim, it takes 15 minutes for it to definitively settle. Once it has, the victim’s soul is trapped in the mirror forever’. Carry out the four steps of the exorcism ritual to free Lara’s soul. You’ve got 15 minutes.