You’re in the car with your friend Max, driving through the middle of nowhere to your holiday home. You’ve got the music turned up and you’re both feeling great!/p>

Suddenly, there’s a loud bang and the car comes to a bumping halt. You get out. What a mess! The bottom of the car has been ripped open and the bumper is off. Not good. You try to call the Road Service but you have no signal.

You walk down the road holding your phone in the air in the hope of getting a signal, to no avail.

Then you see a weathered old sign: gas station 1 mile. What a stroke of luck! The two of you decide to push the car. You arrive at the gas station gasping for breath. To your amazement there is a little garage hidden away behind the gas station. As if it were meant to be.

he friendly, if rather strange, pump attendant takes a quick look at the car and says:“It’s not often I see damage like this. It will take me until at least tomorrow morning to fix it so you can get back on your way.”The friendly man is kind enough to invite you to spend the night with his family in the House by the Lake.

“I’m still working on your car and it’s just a short walk,” he says. “If you set off now you’ll get there before it’s completely dark and you’ll be able to eat with the whole Fisher family ... I’ll see you later!

“Oh .. and it’s a bit primitive and there’s no phone so I hope you don’t mind getting back to basics.”