At the gates of Druston prison, you mentally prepare to visit the person you never wanted to see again: the Mortician.

Five years ago, you arrested this terrible man and put him behind bars. Over a period of 8 years, the Mortician murdered 9 people, leaving their bodies on display in strange poses on the edge of Druston forest.

It took you years, but eventually you nailed him thanks to a DNA match with a hair found on one of the first victims.

The Mortician soon confessed to 5 of the 9 murders, but attributed the other 4 to an imitator, the so-called Copycat killer.

or all those years you didn’t believe him, but now you have a good reason to: your father Chris disappeared last night in the same way the Mortician’s victims did at the time. Suddenly, your worst enemy has become your only hope of finding your father alive again.