Are you new to the VR edition of Escape Room the Game? If so, please learn the basic rules by playing the ‘Down Below’ game first. Click on Downloads above to download and print the game components.

Please note: ‘Down Below’ is a game that uses Virtual Reality and can only be played using (cardboard) VR goggles with a button.



You open your eyes, and all you can see are colorful fish at first. The small room is pitch-black. You can hear strange, muffled banging and soft panting. It takes a while until you realize that you and your friends are under water, at great depth. Then you remember snippets of what happened...

There was a big argument with the seller of an old submarine you and your friends were going to buy and do up. Once you arrived at the old harbor shed, you found the submarine to be in a very poor condition. The vessel was worth nowhere near the agreed € 1.2M in cash.

Before you realized what went on, the owner yelled out: “Hand over the money!” In the struggle that ensued, the seller lost his disguise. “That was a bad mistake. I will now have to kill you!” he yelled...

You get a fright when suddenly an alarm sounds in the submarine with a harsh voice saying: “Emergency procedure put into operation; unlock the emergency door immediately.” And a few seconds later: “Final warning! Just 15 minutes of oxygen left.” ... “Final warning! Just 15 minutes of oxygen left.” Fortunately, the emergency lights have been turned on. You quickly glance at your watch; the time is seventeen minutes past two.

And then one final memory snippet of the old harbor shed: a hard, bony fist comes flying towards your face at high speed... wham!