It’s a quiet summer day in 1978. You and your friends are visiting the Lockholm shopping mall. While you’re having a milkshake, you see the news on TV: there are reports of undead people terrorizing the city.

What the... Right away there’s panic everywhere! People either leave the mall running and screaming or loot some shops before they leave running and screaming. This must be a joke, right?

Then the anchorman announces that the military is on its way to shut down the entire city.

There will be helicopter rescue teams on strategic points – one of them on the roof of the mall! The chopper will leave at 9 o’clock. After that, the city will be "liberated" with a Napalm bomb. You realize this is not a joke.

You check your watch. It’s 8 o’clock. When you look up from your watch you are almost scared to death, because Zombies are actually approaching. You have one hour to fend off the Zombies and get to the rooftop...