While studying Leonardo da Vinci’s many paintings, drawings, designs and sketches, collector Sam Anoli came across a little gem: a telescope that had not been discovered before!

Judging by all the instructions carefully hidden in Da Vinci’s works, this extraordinary telescope is supposed to contain a major important secret that can only be discovered while looking at the solar eclipse.

“Welcome my friends! As you are no doubt aware, I’m a major collector of the works by Leonardo da Vinci: one of the most brilliant inventors, artists, philosophers and architects who’s ever lived. As legend would have it, Da Vinci hid a major secret inside his telescope to help humanity in the future. If you were to gaze at a total solar eclipse through this telescope, the secret would become visible. I’ve managed to get my hands on the telescope, but have yet to get the lock to open and use the telescope. I fear that my sheer stubbornness got in the way and I should have asked for your help, your genius minds, much earlier: the solar eclipse is in just an hour from now!

And I’m afraid you won’t be around anymore to experience the next total solar eclipse……This envelope contains the results of my research. I beg you, complete what I’ve started and reveal the secret! Oh, and Da Vinci was left-handed and wrote all his sheet music and musical notes in mirror image from right to left.”