You and your team have experienced quite a bit, but this is your most important mission to date. The new selfproclaimed country of Zekestan is holding the world in an iron grip. Their power display and threats about their secret weapon are downright frightening. The way in which the new president came to power appears to be only a foretaste of what his sick mind has planned.

Your mission is to steal the microfilms including information about the secret weapon. Your team needs to find its way into a reception at the Palace of Liberty in Zekestan tonight. During this reception, the president will be holding a one-hour presentation.

Your organisation has informed you that it has intercepted a number of letters to reception guests. They contain the secret access codes you need to enter the palace.

They’ve sent you everything you need to figure out the access code. Unfortunately, these items arrived separately and in random order. It is up to you to combine everything properly, so that you can get into the building. Once inside the palace, you will need to open the safe in the president’s room and take the microfilms with the information with you.

An unmanned subway has been specially arranged for the president. It’s waiting in the secret subway station in the basement directly underneath the palace. Immediately after his presentation, the president will be taking this subway to an important conference. This subway is the only way for you to escape with the microfilms unseen. If you get caught, your organisation will deny any involvement in this mission and you will be completely on your own. And you know what they do to traitors in Zekestan...