Please note that this expansion pack was earlier sold under the name 'The Break-In'. This is the same adventure and so are the walkthrough and downloadfile.

From the safety of the roof you watch as the night guard makes his round along the perimeter of the Lockholm Museum. Behind you, your crewmembers are waiting in anticipation.

Tomorrow is the big opening of the new exhibition of famous artist Flora Galow featuring her newest masterpiece: a sculpture named ‘l’Ensemble’.

You’re planning to steal it and to replace it by a replica before the grand public even has the chance to lay eyes on the original.

The public won’t know the museum is showcasing a replica and when the museum finds out, they will want to keep the scandal a secret. It’s an ingenious plan your mysterious contractor ‘Sam’ has come up with.

Suddenly your phone vibrates: the signal! It’s time to see if Sam has disabled the external alarm as planned. You and your crew drop down from the roof towards the director’s office on the 4th floor, cut out a hole in the window and slip inside. No alarm. Good. According to Sam the alarm will automatically reset in 60 minutes and will then be triggered by the broken window. You’d better be out with the sculpture before that happens!

You look around and see some documents and two empty cups on the director’s desk. It seems like the director had tea with someone. At the other side of the room is a door with a fingerprint scanner.