You have succeeded in finding Jesse at the end of the tunnels. Jesse is still breathing, but barely conscious.

You quickly administer Jesse the antidote and after a short period of time, Jesse has recovered enough to speak. "You can only get back to the real world after you break the curse of Jumanji and yell "Jumanjiiii!!!" a certain amount of times."

"To break the curse, you’ll need to use the green jewel from my pocket."

Jesse explains that the curse can only be broken when the emerald moon appears in the sky; an event that only happens one night every decade. Fortunately, tonight is that one special night! In exactly one hour the emerald moon will reach its highest point and will be in the right position to break the curse. You’ll have to hurry... or wait another ten years.

"I’m sorry, guys," Jesse says, "I’m not strong enough to go with you. Come back for me when you’ve broken the curse. Hurry!" You stumble into the dangerous jungle to start on your journey towards the location where the curse can be broken. All of a sudden, a small monkey jumps on your backpack and runs away with something green in its hands. Then you realize: that cheeky monkey has stolen the jewel! You try to go after it but come face to face with five dangerous animals. You hope your three lives will be enough...