With a pale face, Natalie stumbles through a dense and rugged jungle. Falling over she finally comes to a halt and, before she loses consciousness, she mumbles, "Oh, what a mess have I gotten myself into this time... if only I had never bought that cursed monkey statue..."

You awake with a shock. Apparently, you had dozed off right in the middle of Mister Collins’ math class. What a strange, lifelike dream that was! Natalie, your old friend and classmate, disappeared mysteriously a year ago. And now she suddenly appears in your dream! You look around in a daze and see that your friends are doing the same. Suddenly you notice that Mister Collins is staring at you and your friends with an angry look on his face and his arms crossed over his chest.

Uh oh... that spells detention.

While the rest of the class leaves the room, you, your friends and Casper (the Detention King) stay seated. You tell your friends about the dream. To your surprise you appear to all have had the exact same dream! It must have been a vision of some sort.

One of you says: "Before the disappearance, Natalie told me about a monkey statue she bought in Zimbabwe. That must be what she was talking about in the dream. I bet that if we find that statue we will be able to find out what happened to her!"

"Just one tiiiiiny problem," another one of you adds. "That statue is probably still in Natalie’s old room... and the new owner of her old home is planning to destroy it in exactly one hour from now. That means that we only have one hour to escape from detention, sneak into Natalie’s old room, find the monkey statue and solve the mystery. Oof..." Mister Collins cuts off your conversation and separates you all.

Detention has started. Behind you, you hear someone coughing. It’s Casper. He hands you a note that looks like his math homework. It is signed with 'You owe me. Casper the Detention King.'