After you have placed the emerald into the monkeys hand and spoken the magic words, the monkey eyes start lighting up. Intuitively you grab hold of the emerald as the room seems to fade in a blinding light. As your eyesight slowly returns you find yourselves in some sort of jungle.

What is this? Suddenly a thought crosses your mind. This must be what happened to your friend Natalie as well.

If that is the case, she must be somewhere in this strange place.

Upon looking around, you find a note stuck to a tree, written by a guy named Roald Carter. According to the note Natalie was bitten by a snake at 10 PM and needs to receive an antidote as quickly as possible.

Provided Natalie would be in a cool enough place to slow down the venom, the antidote would still need to be administered to her within four hours after the bite. Roald explains that he keeps the antidote in his secret cabin in the woods and that he has left clues to help us find the cabin.

You look at your watch and see the time is already 1 AM. That means there are only 60 minutes left to find the antidote and bring it to Natalie!