Tracking down Dr. Quarks hasn’t been an easy task, but now you’re finally here, in the year 2615 at his secret base… if all is correct, that is.

The time machine appears to have landed in the huge courtyard of a strange, futuristic building. A huge robot stands in a corner. It must be 30 metres high! Isn’t that the one from the newspaper? The one Quarks is planning to use to conquer Lockholm? Suddenly, you hear a voice coming from behind you. “Welcome, fellow time travellers!” You turn around to see a man dressed in a lab coat: Dr. Quarks! He continues: “Do you like my robot? I’ve named it BigBot, as not to confuse it with the SmallBots. Oh SmallBots, please come and say hello!” At his call, dozens of little robots come storming out of hidden hatches all around the courtyard and surround you.

“Take our ‘guests’ to the ‘guestrooms’”, Dr. Quarks orders with an evil grin on his face.

As the SmallBots take you away, Dr. Quarks calls after you: “In one hour I will take BigBot to our time to conquer Lockholm. Be so kind to guard my base until I return.... Muhahahaha!”

The SmallBots lead you through a maze of corridors and rooms, split your group in 2 halves and lock each half in a different storeroom, that are both filled with broken-down robots. Both rooms are connected via a door, but only one has an additional exit, that leads back upstairs to the maze of corridors. However, the connecting door, as well as the exit, are both blocked by deadly lasers. You will have to deactivate all lasers first...