After entering the correct year, the time machine sets itself in motion with a loud ‘poof’ sound. Everything around you seems to warp and deform as the machine shoots through a wormhole, until it finally re-enters the fabric of time with another loud ‘poof’! What a strange experience. You must have been in that wormhole for what...? An hour? A couple of minutes? Or was it just seconds...?

"You flinch as a robotic voice suddenly comes out of the speakers of the time machine: “Destination reached. Remaining battery life: 60 minutes.” Only 60 minutes??!”

Only 60 minutes?! This means you have only one hour to do what you came here for. You and your fellow history students have travelled back in time to the year 1422 to meet up with your history teacher, Professor Jura and assist her in her mission: to find a way to stop Dr. Quarks’s evil plan. As you step outside the time machine you take in the surroundings. Gone are the houses of the Lockholm neighbourhood, gone are the cars and the roads. Instead, there’s grass, trees and a medieval town with a castle in the distance. The machine really worked! As you spot a group of knights on horseback riding towards you, you quickly hide the time machine in the bushes. You wouldn’t want to be accused of witchcraft…

One knight rides up to you and opens their visor. “It’s me, Jura! Listen carefully. The information I need is in the library of the Silver Knights. The problem is that they won’t allow anyone outside of their ranks in the library, so I’ve decided to audition to become a Silver Knight myself. I need your help to do so. Please play along as best as you can!” One of the Silver Knights approaches you and says: “Ah, you must be Lady Jura’s squires! What strange clothes you wear… Well now. I’m Sir Herstry. I will be supervising as you help Jura complete her 4 knightly Quests to prove her worth as a Silver Knight. Here are some items to help you with your assignments. Good luck to you!”